20/26 August Special Week
The stay of those who choose “Villa Serena” will become truly characteristic and evocative during this week, which coincides with the feast of San Bartolomeo, patron saint of Lipari and protector of the Aeolian Islands.
The panaroma you will enjoy from your terraces will be particularly fascinating, which in the evening will be illuminated by a magnificent display of fireworks on a trail of boats on the sea.
Also peculiar is the feast of San Bartolomeo al Monte which takes place every 25 August in the square adjacent to the church a few steps from the villa.
The Feast of San Bartolomeo takes place from August 21st to 25th on the island of Lipari.
This unmissable appointment brings together the faithful from all the Islands and from a large part of Sicily, in a big embrace with the Saint.
The folklorist program sees famous Italian artists perform.
The religious one takes place on August 24, the most important day, the one in which all the islanders participate and in which the procession of the statue of San Bartolomeo takes place with the “vascelluzzo” (silver reliquary, it is a work of excellent workmanship by the Perricone-Marano goldsmith’s shop in Palermo, it contains 2 kg of gold and 30 kg of silver, enthroned inside is the precious reliquary containing the “fragment of leather” and the statuette of St. Bartholomew all in solid gold and weighing 1.1 kg), both carried on the shoulders of the various brotherhoods.